How to reach us


FIRST ROUTE : Take the national highway Athens-Korinthos,11 kilometers after the Isthmus at Korinthos turn left towards Tripoli. As soon as you pass the toll booth at the Nestani interchange exit the national highway by turning right towards Levidi, Vitina, Ancient Olympia. This route is majestic and will give you a chance to take in the beautiful scenery.

SECOND ROUTE: You can also take the national highway Athens-Korinthos but this time continue on towards Patras, Pirgos and ancient Olympia This route is a coastal one and will take you around Peloponnissos.

THIRD ROUTE: Take the national highway Athens-Korinthos turning left towards Tripoli and continue on towards Kalamata. At the Paradeisia junction turn right towards Kiparissia (the sign says Pirgos) at the cross roads Kalo Nero turn right. Go past Zaharo, Krestena and you soon arrive at Olympia.


From the Kifissos bus station in Athens buy a ticket for Pirgos. When you reach Pirgos you will need to transfer buses to Olympia. There are abundant daily routes all year round.